Cloth Nappy Lingo

Updated: Apr 5

A whole new language awaits you! What is an PUL AI2 MCN? Find below your comprehensive cloth nappy jargon guide.

Nappy Related Terms

AIO - All In One (A nappy that is all sewn together so it does not come apart into pieces).

AI2- All in Two (A nappy where the absorbency comes away from the water resistant cover)

Hip Snap - A snap added along the waist that stops the waist tabs drooping. MCN - Modern Cloth Nappy

Minky - A fabric used for the outer cover of the nappy. It is a plush fabric much like velvet.

OSFM - One Size Fits Most (Sometimes OSFA being One Size Fits All)

PUL - Polyurethane Laminate (the material used for waterproofing fabric used as the outer cover. This can also commonly refer to the flat polyester fabric that the actual laminate is attached to)

Rise Snaps - The snaps in the front of the nappy that can be adjusted to increase or decrease the size of the nappy. Side Snapping - A nappy that rather than having tabs that close across the babies front, they overlap to close over the babies hips.

Trifold - A absorbent piece of fabric that is folded into three to be placed in a nappy. Other terms you may hear along the way WAHM - Work at Home Mum. While most businesses in the industry are mum owned and small this specifically refers to homemade products. LO - Little One

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